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Laser Mirror
Total-reflection mirror Total-reflection mirror is of high reflection and transmission ratio, which is the key optical element of resonant cavity. Material:K9,JGS1 Wavelength range:355nm~2000nm Size range:Diameter Φ6~100mm CT tolerance:+/-0.1mm Flatness:1/4λ@633nm Parallelism:≤10" Reflectivity:>99.0%~99.8%
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Type: Right Angle prism, Roof prism, Retroreflector, and so on. Material:K9,JGS1 etc. Flatness:1/10λ~1/2λ@633nm Surface quality:10/5~80/50 Angular tolerance:3arc sec~3arc min Clear aperture:>90% Coating:AR Coating or custom design
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Optical and laser window
(1)Optical window Window is applied to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass through, which is usually used for protecting the lens. Material:K9,JGS1 etc. Size range:Φ6~100mm CT tolerance:+/-0.2mm Clear aperture:>90% Flatness:1/10λ~1/2λ@633nm Parallelism:≤10"
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Beam Combiner
■ BEAM COMBINER Beam Combiner is ideal for applications where diode lasers are being used for system alignment. Material:K9,JGS1 Wavelength range:650nm~1064nm Size: Φ20mm Thickness tolerance:+/-0.1mm Parallelism:≤10" AOI:45°
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Type:Plano-concave lens, Plano-convex lens, meniscus lens, Bi-convex lens, Bi-concave lens Material:K9,JGS1 etc. Focal length:+/-5mm~+/-1000mm CT tolerance:+/-0.1 Surface quality:10/5~80/50
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PIV Laser
Lamp pumped Double Pulse PIV Laser One laser beam output which be composed with two beam , everyone can work alone. Can trigged by outside TTL signal Q-switch trigger signal can be controlled ■ 1.1 15Hz Laser■ 1.2 80mJ/ 25Hz Laser■ Laser diode pumped Double Pulse PIV Laser ■ Laser diode pumped multi-pulses laser
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Diode pumped laser
■ Miniaturization laser target designator(30mJ)■ Integrative miniaturization laser target designator(30mJ)■ Diode pumped big energy  laser target designator100mJ■ Diode pumped laser 10Hz/100mJ■ Diode pumped laser 20Hz/30mJ■ Diode pumped green  laser 10Hz/10mJ
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Lamp pumped laser
■ Lamp pumped big energy  laser target designator​■ Pulse width adjustable YAG laser■ Beauty equipment laser​
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